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COOL2001 - Simulation of Electron Cooling Process in Storage Rings.pdf
COOL2003 - Electron cooling.pdf
COOL2003 - MD simulation of beam ordering.pdf
COOL2003 - Numerical simulation of crystalline ion beams in storage ring.pdf
COOL2003 - Physical model of the crystalline beam in a storage ring.pdf
COOL2005 - Cooling Force Measurements at CELSIUS.pdf
COOL2005 - Cooling Rates of the USR as Calculated with BETACOOL.pdf
COOL2005 - Cooling Scenario for the HESR Complex.pdf
COOL2005 - Detailed Studies of Electron Cooling Friction Force.pdf
COOL2005 - Experimental Benchmarking of the Magnetized Friction Force.pdf
COOL2005 - FLAIR Project at GSI.pdf
COOL2005 - High-Current ERL-Based Electron Cooling System for RHIC.pdf
COOL2005 - Report on Operation of Antiproton Decelerator.pdf
COOL2005 - Studies of Beam Dynamics in Cooler Rings.pdf
COOL2007 - Calculations on High-Energy Electron Cooling in the HESR.pdf
COOL2007 - Cooling Simulation with the BETACOOL Code.pdf
COOL2007 - Electron Cooling Experiments at S-LSR.pdf
COOL2007 - Electron Cooling in the RECYCLER Cooler.PDF
COOL2007 - Electron Cooling Simulation for Arbitrary Distribution of Electrons.pdf
COOL2007 - Implementation of Synchrotron Motion in Barrier Buckets in the BETACOOL Program.pdf
COOL2007 - Necessary Condition for Beam Ordering.pdf
COOL2007 - Present Status and Recent Activity on Laser Cooling at S-LSR.pdf
COOL2009 - Application of Cooling Methods to NICA Project.pdf
COOL2009 - Effective Luminosity Simulation for PANDA Experiment at FAIR.pdf
COOL2009 - Implementation of Longitudinal Dynamics with Barrier RF in BETACOOL and Comparison to ESME.pdf
COOL2009 - Particle Accumulation Using Barrier Bucket RF System.pdf

CPOD2009 - Progress of the NICA project.pdf

EPAC2002 - Design of the ACR Electron Cooler at RIKEN.pdf
EPAC2002 - Progress in the Nuclotron Booster Design.pdf
EPAC2004 - Ordered Ion Beam in Storage Rings.pdf
EPAC2004 - Possibilities for Experiments with Rare Radioactive Ions in a Storage Ring Using Individual Injection.pdf
EPAC2004 - Simulation Results on Cooling Times and Equlibrium Parameters for Antiprotons Beamsin the HESR.pdf
EPAC2006 - Beam Commissioning of Ion Cooler Ring, S-LSR.pdf
EPAC2006 - Cooling Rates at Ultra-low Energy Storage Rings.pdf
EPAC2006 - Internal Target Effects in the ESR Storage Ring with Cooling.pdf
EPAC2006 - Ion Cooler Storage Ring, S-LSR.pdf
EPAC2008 - Crystalline Beam Simulations.pdf
EPAC2008 - One-dimensional Ordering of Protons by the Electron Cooling.pdf
EPAC2008 - Project of the Nuclotron-based Ion Collider Facility (NICA) at JINR.pdf
EPAC2008 - Recent Status of Laser Cooling for Mg Realized at S-LSR.pdf

HB2006 - Analysis of the Magnetized Friction Force.pdf
HB2006 - Commisioning of Electron Beam Cooling at S-LSR.pdf
HB2006 - Experimental Studies of IBS in RHIC and Comparison with Theory.pdf

ICAP2000 - Simulation of electron cooling process in storage rings using BETACOOL program.pdf

PAC2005 - A Method to Polarize Stored Antiprotons to a High Degree.pdf
PAC2005 - Cooling Dynamics Studies and Scenarios for the RHIC Cooler.pdf
PAC2005 - Electron Cooling of RHIC.pdf
PAC2005 - IBS for Ion Distribution Under Electron Cooling.pdf
PAC2005 - Simulations of High-Energy Electron Cooling.pdf
PAC2007 - Electron Cooling in the Presence of Undulator Fields.pdf
PAC2007 - Experimental Approach to Ultra-Cold Ion Beam at S-LSR.pdf
PAC2007 - High-Energy Electron Cooling Based on Realistic Six-Dimensional Distribution of Electrons.pdf
PAC2007 - Status of the R&D Towards Electron Cooling of RHIC.pdf

RuPAC2002 - Some Recent Results In Numerical Simulation Of Crystallisation With BETACOOL Code.pdf
RuPAC2004 - Numerical Simulation of Particle Dynamics in Storage Rings Using BETACOOL Code.pdf
RuPAC2006 - Electron Cooling of Proton Beam at COSY and S-LSR.pdf
RuPAC2006 - Numerical Simulation of Particle Dynamics in Storage Rings Using BETACOOL Code.pdf
RuPAC2008 - Incoherent Vertical Ion Losses at Cooling Stacking Injection.pdf
RuPAC2008 - Project of the Nuclotron-Based Ion Collider Facility (NICA) at JINR.pdf
RuPAC2008 - Simmulation of Pellet Target Experiments with BETACOOL Code.pdf
RuPAC2008 - Simulation Study of Stable and Moving Barrier Buckets Using BETACOOL Code.pdf

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