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Advanced beam dynamics for storage rings.pdf
Approach to ordered structure of the beam at S-LSR.pdf
Beam Commisioning of Ion Cooler Ring, S-LSR.pdf
BETACOOL program for simulation of beam dynamics in storage rings.pdf
Code Benchmarking Studies with the ESR Internal Target.pdf
Comments on Simplified Treatment of Intrabeam Scattering.pdf
Commisioning of Electron Beam Cooling at S-LSR.pdf
Crystalline ion beams in storage rings.pdf
Design of a compact electron cooler for the S-LSR.pdf
Design of the New Experimental Storage Ring for operation with ions.pdf
Electron cooling.pdf
ESR Operation and Development.pdf
Experimental Studies of the Magnetized Friction Force.pdf
Experiments Towards  High-Energy Electron Cooling.pdf
Feasibility of Electron Cooling for Low-Energy RHIC Operation.pdf
First Ideas of a Medium Energy Electron Cooling System for COSY.pdf
High-energy electron cooling in a collider.pdf
Individual rare radioactive ion injection, cooling and storage in a ring.pdf
Internal Target Effectects in Ion Storage Rings with Beam Cooling.pdf
MD simulation of beam ordering.pdf
Numerical simulation of crystalline ion beams in storage ring.pdf
Numerical study of the magnetized friction force.pdf
One-dimensional Beam Ordering of Protons at Ion Storage Ring, S-LSR.pdf
One-Dimensional Beam Ordering of Protons in a Storage Ring.pdf
Parameters of Electron Cooled Ion and Antiproton Beams in the NESR.pdf
Physical model of the crystalline beam in a storage ring.pdf
Project of TWAC Electron Cooler.pdf
Proposal for the Spin Physics from COSY to FAIR.pdf
RHIC Performance With 56 MHz RF and Gold Ion Beams Pre-cooled at Lower Energy.pdf
RHIC top energy 56MHz.pdf
Simulating the dynamical friction force on ions due to a briefly co-propagating electron beam.pdf
Simulation and Experiments of Electron Cooling in HIRFL-CSRm.pdf
Simulation of crystalline beams in storage rings using molecular dynamics technique.pdf
Status and perspectives of the electron cooling method.pdf
Stripping Injection with Electron Cooling.pdf
The Computation of Electron Cooling Process in Storage Ring.pdf

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